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In mobile, user experience is everything. If you’re not engaging your users, you’re probably not getting the business results you’re looking for. Surveys show that 1 in 4 mobile apps are abandoned after first use. So how do you keep from becoming an "insta-delete" in the battle for consumer’s attention and loyalty?

Artisan® Optimize is the first solution that enables real-time A/B testing of existing native mobile applications without writing code or re-submitting to app stores. Business professionals such as marketers, designers and product managers can now test and optimize designs in a matter of minutes versus weeks with a traditional coding approach. Just like websites, making small changes in mobile app experiences can have big results.

A/B Test Your Mobile Apps

Get Results Fast — In Three Easy Steps

Artisan Optimize Design


Rapidly build A/B tests on-device with point and click ease; experiment with button placement, text, images, colors and calls to action; use advanced “In-code Mode” to test workflows, business logic, and navigation schemes.

Artisan Optimize Deploy to Segments


Distribute A/B tests to subsets of your user base; segment and target specific users based on location, gender, age, and more.

Artisan Optimize Real TIme Analytics


Collect real-time data for each experiment; make decisions based on facts not hunches; instantly publish winning designs to all users.

"A/B testing tells us what’s right and wrong. We can send updates over the air right away; flip the switch, and make it permanent. It’s so easy. It’s so fast."

Frank Panko CEO — A View From My Seat

Why A/B test my app?

Just like websites, making small changes in mobile app experiences can have big results. Deepen engagement, drive brand loyalty, and improve mobile marketing efficiency and agility. For m-commerce apps, the impact of A/B testing can be directly measured in terms of sales, leads, user engagement, revenue per customer or any of the many other key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to your app. Artisan customers routinely achieve 20%-50% in their KPIs.

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Intelligently Designed

Intuitive User Interface

Design experiments with drag-and-drop, point-and-click ease.

Confidence Scoring

Optimize provides a color-coded score so that you know with confidence which test results are statistically significant.

Instant Publishing

Push A/B tests and winning designs directly to your end-users without recompiling or resubmitting to app stores.

Eliminate the Wait

Rapidly iterate designs, publish app updates directly to end-users, and start getting results immediately.

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