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You work hard to get new users.
We work hard to help you keep them.

Our platform enables app developers and marketers to create deeper relationships with their users through mobile marketing automation.

Turn app downloads into loyal users.

Mobile Marketing Automation picks up where user acquisition ends. Artisan enables you to control the experience that your mobile users enjoy from the very instant they open your app. Dynamically change your UI to provide a better onboarding experience for new users, send personalized push notifications about new products, or use in-app messages to highlight new app features – with Artisan, you control the experience that your app provides users. With endless ways to keep your mobile users engaged, Artisan's Mobile Marketing Automation software makes it easy to turn new users into loyal users.

Targeted Push Notifications

Tailor your messages to fit your audience. Personalized push notifications are a great way to get users back into your app.

Rich In-App Messaging

Keep mobile users in your app longer. Use in-app messages to provide helpful tips or personalized offers during the app session.

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Artisan's mobile marketing automation software includes push notifications.
Mobile marketing automation sits on a layer of auto-collected event data.

Get the whole picture.

We like data. That's why our Mobile Marketing Automation software starts collecting data as soon as the SDK is installed. Without any time-consuming configuration, we automatically collect everything. Every screen tap, button click – you name it; we collect it - for every user, from day one. Finally, some clarity into what your mobile users are doing…or not doing! By unlocking all of your app data, Artisan allows you to discover valuable insights, and to easily act upon them, all within our mobile marketing automation software.

Auto-Event Collection

Drop in our SDK and automatically start collecting all user events. Spend less time instrumenting your analytics and more time acting on insights.

Omni-Channel Enabled

Track your users across all channels. Artisan's SDK and APIs make it easy to share information with other tools, like Adobe Omniture.

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Increase user conversions.

Here at Artisan, we believe that engaged users are happier, more profitable users. But keeping all of your users engaged can be a challenge since each of your mobile users is a unique individual with different needs and expectations. Our Mobile Marketing Automation software helps you rise to this challenge. By providing powerful segmentation and personalization capabilities you can easily market to an audience of one. By providing the right experience to the right user at the right time, you can increase user conversions and make your mobile app more successful.

User Segmentation

Create segments that make sense for your app. Whether you're targeting cart abandoners, or new users in Philly, Artisan makes segmentation a breeze.

Mobile A/B Testing

Artisan makes it easy to increase your conversion rate through A/B testing. Go ahead and test the color of a button or your whole onboarding flow.

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Artisan's mobile marketing automation software includes A/B testing and segmentation.

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