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The all-in-one platform for mobile marketing automation, personalization, A/B testing, and analytics.

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Give us 3 months and we'll give you a 30% improvement. We are so confident that we can help you achieve your goals that we will guarantee you a 30% improvement of your key metric, or your first year is on us.

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You’ve built your app but are you getting results?

The path to mobile app success is challenging. Mobile users have high expectations. Many apps never get downloaded and those that do get discarded quickly if they don’t deliver real value. On the other hand, mobile app users are incredibly valuable customers. So how do you get and keep their attention? How do you build mobile experiences that surpass expectations and keep them coming back for more?

Stop guessing. Start engaging.

Ultimately mobile app success is all about engagement. You have to deliver tailored, relevant content to your users when, where and how they want it. That’s hard to do if you don’t understand how users are interacting with your app — what’s working for them and what’s not. And it’s hard to be nimble and iterate quickly when you’re dealing with writing and compiling code and waiting on app store approvals.

That's why we created Artisan...

Artisan Mobile Experience Management

What's your goal?

The #1 mobile experience management platform.

Everything you need to craft amazing mobile experiences, all in one integrated platform.


Powerful analytics help you understand how your customers use your app.


A/B test your app workflows and designs without resubmitting to app stores.

Built for everyone on your team.

Real cross-team collaboration to help you give your customers the best possible mobile experience.

  • Mobile Experience Management for Developers Developers
  • Mobile Experience Management for Marketers Marketers
  • Mobile Experience Management for Managers Product Managers
  • Mobile Experience Management for Developers Designers

For Developers

Be a mobile hero. Empower your marketers and other business users to take action and serve themselves while remaining in complete control of your app. Free up your time to focus on building new functionality or apps versus coding yet another query or building more reports. Full-featured in-code SDK and power hooks give you all the power you need to make your app amazing.

Developers will love...

For Marketers

Market with the speed and precision of mobile. Target your users with highly personalized experiences that deliver relevant content when, where, and how they want it. Make sure your app delivers a consistent brand experience with integrated campaigns and current messaging. Easily test promotions and campaigns and respond in real-time to rapidly changing market conditions.

Marketers will love...

For Product Managers

No more waiting! All the data and insight you need to be sure that you are engaging users and getting the most from your app. Easily conduct sophisticated funnel and user behavior analytics without writing code. Know exactly how your app is performing and the return you are getting on your investment in mobile. Find out anything you need to know without hassling your developers.

Product Managers will love...

For Designers

Unleash your inner artisan! Design and implement UX/UI changes to your mobile app with website ease. Use the Artisan design canvas for pixel-perfect designs every time without coding. Design the look and feel of A/B tests, personalizations, and marketing campaigns with point and click ease. Quickly collaborate with your entire team, in one unified platform, to deliver a great mobile user experience.

Designers will love...

Move at the speed of mobile.

With constant changes in technology and user behavior, mobile moves fast. Move faster with Artisan. Instantly update screen designs and workflows, or communicate with your users directly with in-app messages and push notifications — all without having to resubmit your app to app stores or waiting for your users to download updates.

Flowchart of Artisan’s Mobile Experience Management framework.

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